Geographical Command Contacts

Notice: Geographical Command is a service provided to our citizens. Each of the four areas within our city is assigned to Geographical Commanders of the rank of Lieutenant. If you have chronic police issues that have historically plagued your neighborhood, please consider contacting the Geographical Commander in your neighborhood. Please do not use this service to report daily crimes or emergencies. The concept behind this service is to provide our citizens with a specific person at the police department that can help them overcome long-term problems that are police related. Your participation is appreciated.

(click a Geographical Command area to email that area's Geographical Commander)

Abilene Police Department

PO Box 174
4565 South First Street
Abilene, Texas 79604-0174

Emergency 911
Phone (325) 673-8331
Fax (325) 676-6606

Police Administration

Chief of Police
Stan Standridge (325) 676-6600
Assistant Chief of Investigative & Support Services
Mike Perry (325) 676-6600
Assistant Chief of Uniform Services
Doug Wrenn (325) 676-6600
Internal Affairs Commander
Lt. Craig Jordan (325) 676-4550
Administrative Lieutenant
Lt. Scott Hill (325) 437-4549
Public Information Officer
Executive Secretary
Ms. Chris Hobbs (325) 676-6600
Payroll Specialist
Ms. Fay Parks (325) 676-6600
System Administrator
Mr. Shannon Prew (325) 676-6672
Beth Reeves (325) 676-6513

Uniform Services

Assistant Chief Doug Wrenn (325) 676-6600
Traffic Division
Sgt. Richy Waggoner (325) 676-6530
K-9 Unit
Sgt. Ismael Jaimes (325) 673-8331
Sgt. Richy Waggoner (325) 676-6530
Bomb Squad
Lt. Mark Watson (325) 676-6610
Bicycle Unit
Lt. Joe Tauer (325) 673-8331
Sgt. Mike Baird Street Crimes Unit (325) 676-6588

Investigative & Support Services

Assistant Chief Mike Perry (325) 676-6600
Criminal Investigation Division (325) 676-6610
Sgt. Willie Ford Crimes Against Persons/Forensic Unit
Sgt. Clay Grothe Crimes Against Property
Sgt. Jason Haak Fraud Division
Sgt. Mike Moschetto Special Victims Unit
Identification Division
Shelley Scott (325) 676-6515
Officer Wallace McDaniel (325) 676-6596
Dianna Arndt Forensic Specialist (325) 676-6516
Youth Division (325) 676-6640
Special Operations Division
Lt. Craig Jordan (325) 676-6650
Child Advocacy Center
Melinda Beard Director (325) 738-8060
Training Division
Sgt. Nikki Hill (325) 676-6537
Communications Division (325) 673-8331
Becky Mackiewicz Communications Manager
Records Division
Aymee Henning (325) 676-6509
Fax (325) 676-6504
Burglar Alarms
Fay Parks (325) 676-6605
Property and Evidence Division (325) 676-6580